Parks and Public Spaces

  • The true gem of Mercer Island is our parks, beaches, trails, and other public spaces. We must work together to enhance, maintain and improve these community resources.

Our Town Center

  • With our light rail station scheduled to open in just a few years, we must ensure that our town center is positioned to prosper by facilitating ease of movement to and from the business district.
  • I will be an advocate for a variety of transportation options to help Island residents make the “last mile” connection to and from the station, as well as parking facilities.
  • Our small businesses should be supported by our community and our government should be responsive to their needs. On the Council, I will work directly with current and prospective small business owners to address our permitting processes. Throughout my career, I have worked to help constituents successfully negotiate through bureaucracy to achieve their goals.

Infrastructure and Public Services

  • Much of the water and sewer infrastructure on the Island is aging and in need of repair or replacement. On the Council, I will work towards developing and implementing a plan to update these systems to meet the needs of the future.
  • Our neighbors rely on our local police and fire departments to respond in the event of an emergency. Having worked at the Department of Homeland Security, I understand the need for emergency preparedness and response. As a Councilmember, I will work directly with the leadership of these departments to ensure they are able to continue to deliver a high level of services for our community.

Budget Transparency and Sustainability

  • Our city is currently facing significant budget deficiencies over the next few years and we will need our Council to work together with the City staff to find efficiencies where possible. We also need to have a conversation as a community about our spending priorities and needs.
  • I have experience examining public sector budgets and creating efficiencies. When I worked in Congress, I spearheaded a successful campaign to save $2.1 billion at the Department of Veterans Affairs while delivering a quicker and easier experience for veterans appealing disability claims.

Community Engagement and Civility

  • Recently, we have seen too many examples of hate and intolerance play out in our community. As community members, we have a responsibility to promote civil discourse and respect and set a good example for our children. Disagreement and debate are important, but more can be done to promote productive conversations.


  • I believe we have a responsibility to protect the natural beauty of Mercer Island, our region, and our planet for future generations. We should do our part to fight climate change.

Collaboration with the School District and Counselors 

  • As the parent of a young child, I am committed to ensuring our school system stays strong and meets the needs of all families in our community.
  • As a member of the Council, I will work to prioritize mental health counselors in our schools. This is an important resource than benefits so many families on Mercer Island. 


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